Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Q) Can these doors be used in any situation?
A) They are produced to fit with the unique hinge system that is a “Pre hung door kit” but we also can offer all doors in a “non-kit” door that have no hinges or latches fitted and will need painting

Q) Do the doors need painting?
A) No, These doors are pre finished and ready to hang

Q) Will I need to fit hinges and latches?
A) No, These doors have them both pre-fitted for you

Q) Are these pre finished doors left or right handed?
A) Due to their unique design you can turn the 3 oblong “female” hinges on the edge of the door 180 degrees to allow the door to be left or right handed.

Q) Can I buy the linings to suit these doors?
A) Yes we sell the matching mdf linings that fit this system. You will need the depth of your wall and the size of the door to ensure the correct lining is supplied.

Q) Where do you deliver doors to in the UK?
A) We deliver to most of the mainland of England, Wales and Scotland but not the islands or Northern Ireland.

Q) How are parts and accessories sent out?
A) We post via Royal Mail on our parts

Q) What is your returns policy?
A) If components sent out by ourselves are found to be faulty then we will be replace or refund on return of the product our ourselves.

Q) How do I pay for my order?
A) We offer Stripe and PayPal payment gateways but we also can take a bank transfer if you email us with your requirements.

Email us or complete the enquiry form with your requirements.

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